The Complete List

A Report Team of citizen volunteers spent weeks sifting through the hundreds of ideas submitted in each Envision category, then used an affinity analysis process to organize the ideas into related groupings - 44 in all. This is the complete list of Development ideas. For the Vision Guide, the Report Team combined and restated the groupings, and selected ideas that inspired interest and action (see also Current Problems and Other Issues).

  1. Character
  2. Commercial Development
  3. Connections
  4. Neighborhoods
  • Retain unique style of GV [2]
  • Maintain historical characteristics of Golden Valley.
  • Preserve Golden Valley's identity.

Green Space

  • Save and increase green spaces, parks and trails. [18]
  • Environmental sensibility in re-new development [2]
  • Guard against overdevelopment and protect green space.
  • Further development should be green, clean, and safe.


  • Develop city standards for building quality, aesthetics and integration of art with other structures. [5]
  • Create public spaces that encourage public life and gatherings. [2]
  • City stresses quality in its development
  • New business construction should provide public space.
  • Encourage energy efficient buildings.
  • More upscale development
  • Make better use of land.
  • Enhance appearance of light industrial space.


  • Make city neighborhoods more visually attractive, through city landscaping. [5]
  • Enhance use of Bassett Creek. [2]
  • Encourage beautification.
  • Develop public art, fountains, and gardens.
  • Develop a walk-through flower garden.
  • More plantings, flowers in parks and along trails
  • Main streets should be boulevards