Identity & Inclusiveness


Our strong community identity is effectively communicated formally-and informally-through innovative citizen involvement.

  • Residents always identify their home address as Golden Valley instead of Minneapolis.
  • Well-designed signs mark major entrances to the city.
  • Newsletters, the Web, community kiosks, email networks, and public access television keep residents of all ages informed and excited about the community.

The Complete List

  • Communication
  • Private Promotion
  • Public Promotion
  • Technology


We encourage involvement and inclusiveness within neighborhoods, among cultures, and across generations.

  • Golden Valley residents identify their neighborhoods with names and signs to lead the way.
  • A City Neighborhood Council provides a framework for neighborhood groups and citizen involvement.
  • Neighborhood associations promote citywide Neighborhood Watch nights.
  • Golden Valley youth start a retirement home partnership program.
  • Most community gatherings feature multi-cultural activities.

The Complete List

  • Associations
  • Cultures
  • Diversity
  • Events
  • Faith Community
  • Identity
  • Joint Events
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Youth Events