Yard Waste Disposal

State law prohibits the disposal of yard, brush, and tree waste in landfills or solid waste facilities. Use the disposal options listed, or ask your garbage hauler about the cost and procedure for yard waste disposal.

Golden Valley's three-week curbside brush pick-up in late-April and early-May gives homeowners the opportunity to place tree limbs and brush at their curbs for collection and disposal.

City AreaPick-Up Starts

Area north of Highway 55/west of Douglas Drive

April 24, 7 am

Area north of Highway 55/east of Douglas Drive

May 1, 7 am

Area south of 55

May 8, 7 am


Please observe the following guidelines when preparing your brush for pickup:

  • Brush must be placed on the curb by 7 am Monday the week of pick-up.
  • Tree limbs and brush must be less than 4 inches in diameter and approximately 8 feet long. Stack so the larger ends face the street (limbs doPile of brush in the yard not have to be tied). Do not use plastic bags.
  • Condense brush to one pile per household. Trucks will stop only once at each property, so if there is more than one pile, only one will be picked up.
  • Keep brush and limbs completely clear of sidewalks, mailboxes, street lights, and sign poles, landscaping and fences, overhead tree branches, and power lines. If piles don't fit between the curb and sidewalk, place them on the boulevard behind the sidewalk. The contractor uses trucks with automated loading arms to pick up the brush piles. If your brush is stacked near a restricted area or tossed in a pile rather than stacked, it will be left behind. The contractor will not load brush by hand.
  • No leaves, grass clippings, stumps, roots, limbs exceeding the size limits, building lumber, landscape timbers, or bags of garbage will be picked up. If any of these items are mixed in the brush stacks, the entire stack will be left behind. The contractor will not sort through brush stacks for acceptable material.