Missing Pets (Animal Impound)

Report a Missing Pet

If you would like to list your pet as being lost, contact the Golden Valley Police Department at 763-593-8079 or send them an email.

Reclaim Your Pet

If you believe one of the animals listed is your pet, visit the Golden Valley Police Department, 7800 Golden Valley Road, or call 763-593-8079 to make arrangements to claim your pet. Animal impounds fees may apply. Pets that are not claimed in seven days are transferred to the Golden Valley Humane Society.

Missing Pets

  1. German Shepherd Mixes

3DDCEA06On Friday, Jan 20, these two dogs were found abandoned in a parked vehicle in Golden Valley.

The black dog is a female German Shepherd/Lab mix. She has a white mark on her chest and no collar or microchip.

The white dog is a male Husky/German Shepherd mix. He has a collar black with white skulls and no microchip.