Street Construction Projects

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Pavement Management Program

Streets deteriorate as they age, much like the roof and paint on your home. Golden Valley's Pavement Management Program (PMP) is a comprehensive, systematic way for the City to evaluate its street system and follow through with long-term, cost-effective maintenance and rehabilitation.

Laurel Avenue Mill & Overlay

Laurel Avenue, between Jersey Avenue and approximately 400 feet west of Xenia Avenue, had a mill and overlay in summer 2021 (see map). The project repaired defective curbs and gutters, upgraded pedestrian ramps to be ADA compliant, and included minor utility work. The project also included striping for bike lanes as part of the 2021 Bike Lanes Project.

Douglas Drive / Highway 55 Intersection Project

The intersection at Douglas Drive and Highway 55 has presented significant traffic congestion and pedestrian safety problems for years. Scheduled for 2022 and 2023, this project will improve driver and pedestrian safety as well as traffic efficiency.

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