Bassett Creek Regional Trail Study

Bassett Creek Regional Trail Map (PDF)The proposed Bassett Creek Regional Trail (PDF) is identified by the City, Hennepin County, and Three Rivers Park District as a future regional trail facility that would connect French Park in Plymouth to Theodore Wirth Park in Golden Valley. The trail will follow Duluth Street/Golden Valley Road (County Road 66) from Regent Avenue to Wirth Parkway.

Planning Process

The Bassett Creek Regional Trail segment along Golden Valley Rd is not currently programmed for construction. Golden Valley received a grant from Hennepin County to assist in the completion of a feasibility study of the Golden Valley Rd corridor. It is likely that future construction of the trail will be a collaborative effort between Three Rivers Park District, Hennepin County, and the City of Golden Valley.

The City hosted an informational open house in December 2013 so residents and stakeholders could discuss the opportunities and challenges present along this corridor and to provide valuable input for the planning study. Information provided at the meeting will help to guide the planning and design of this future trail project.

After the open house, City staff met with the consultant to review public input, make necessary edits to the project materials, and prepare a draft feasibility study. The draft feasibility study was presented to the Golden Valley City Council at its March 11, 2014 meeting and shared with Three Rivers Park District and Hennepin County.

The City Council approved the Bassett Creek Regional Trail Feasibility Study (PDF) at its May 6, 2014 meeting.


Questions about this study can be emailed to Eric Eckman, the City’s project manager, or by calling 763-593-8084.