Zoning Map

The Zoning Chapter of the City Code includes a zoning map that designates specific districts for each land parcel. Golden Valley has 10 different zoning districts (or land use categories) that specify how a parcel is "zoned," or regulated. These districts range from residential (low-density development) to industrial. As with any part of the City Code, the Zoning Chapter is periodically reviewed and amended to reflect changing community standards and goals.

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Zoning Map - 8.5" x 11"

Zoning Map - 11" x 17"

For larger maps, contact the Planning Department.

Pattern Type of District Zoning Code
  Single Family Residential (R1) 11.21
  Moderate Density Residential (R2) 11.22
  Medium Density Residential (R3) 11.23
  High Density Residential (R4) 11.24
  I-394 Mixed Use: Subdistrict A (low rise - up to 3 stories) 11.47
  I-394 Mixed Use: Subdistrict B (mid rise - up to 6 stories) 11.47
  I-394 Mixed Use: Subdistrict C (high rise - up to 10 stories) 11.47
  Commercial 11.30
  Light Industrial 11.35
  Industrial 11.36
  Business and Professional Offices 11.45
  Institutional: Sub-District I-1 (Churches, Schools, etc) 11.46
  Institutional: Sub-District I-2 (Libraries, Museums, Colleges, etc) 11.46
  Institutional: Sub-District I-3
(Nursing Homes, Private Clubs, Clinics, etc)
  Institutional: Sub-District I-4
(Golf Courses, Parks, Playgrounds, Government Offices, etc)
  Institutional: Sub-District I-5 (Cemeteries, etc) 11.46
  Planned Unit Development (PUD) 11.55
  Shoreland Overlay District 11.65