Adult Recreation: Music & Dance

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The following activities are offered in the Winter 2017/18 Park & Rec catalog. To view past offerings, browse older issues of the Park & Rec catalog.

+ Ballroom Dancing For Beginners

+ Intermediate Belly Dancing

HealthRYTHMS® Group Empowerment Drumming

@ Crystal Community Center

Mon, Feb 26
10:30–11:30 am

Participation in active group percussion experiences has physical benefits, including sustained physical activity, relaxation, and use of fine motor skills. A strong sense of group identity and a feeling of belonging is created because participants are actively making music together and because the sustained repetition of the steady beat acts to bring people together physically, emotionally, and mentally (rhythmic entrainment). Percussion activities can be done with little or no previous musical background or training, making these experiences accessible to virtually all people. Facilitator Cheri Bunker has 12 years of experience and has been trained by the Remo Drum Corporation by Music Therapist Christine Stevens and Neurologist Barry Bittman. Drums and percussion provided.

Call Crystal Parks and Recreation at 763-531-0052 to register by Feb 21.