Street Closures for Block Parties

If you would like to close your street for a block party, please complete a petition that includes:

  • location of the street to be barricaded
  • the time and date of the proposed closing
  • the names and addresses of all residences along the street proposed for closing
  • a section where residents can sign to indicate approval of the street closing
  • the name and address of a responsible person to whom inquiries can be directed

If 100% of residents along the street sign the petition, it will be forwarded to the Chief of Police, who has the authority to order the street closed and barricaded for the time listed on the petition.

Petitions containing less than 100% of the necessary signatures will be placed on the next City Council agenda for review and approval.

Upon approval of the petition, the Police Department will notify City Public Works staff to deliver street barricades the last working day before the street closing. Barricades will be left with the responsible person listed on the petition, and that person is in charge of placing and removing the barricades. City crews will pick up the barricades on the nearest work day following the street closing.