Police Reports

Request For Information

To request public records or a specific copy of a police report, please complete the Request for Information Form and return it to the GVPD or fax it to 763-593-8098. There will be a charge for copies of requested reports. Call 763-593-8079 for more information and fees.

The GVPD adheres to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, which classifies data as public, private, and/or confidential. You may be asked to provide picture identification and/or written authorization from the parties involved in order to obtain a report. For more information, visit the Minnesota Revisor's Office website. Statutes related to the classification of law enforcement data are in Section 13.82 of the Data Practices Act.

Weekly Incident Reports

The Golden Valley Police Department posts weekly public summary reports for the following types of incidents in which it is involved:

Updated Dec 3, 2019:

Reports are posted by 1 pm each Wednesday and will remain online until the following Tuesday at noon.