Public Safety In The Parks

2019 Public Safety In The Parks

  • June 20, 11 am, Gearty Park
  • June 25, 7 pm, Scheid Park
  • June 27, 2:30 pm Wesley Park
  • July 11, 2:30 pm, Hampshire Park
  • July 18, 2:30 pm, Lions Park
  • July 25, 11 am, Lakeview Park
  • Aug 1, 2:30 pm, Scheid Park
  • Aug 8, noon, Dover Hills Apartments
  • Aug 13, 7 pm, Brookview Park CANCELED
  • Aug 15, 2:30 pm, Schaper Park
  • Aug 27, 7 pm, Brookview Park RESCHEDULED

Golden Valley's police and firefighters started making visits to local parks in 2010 as a way to make connections with kids and parents. Since then, Public Safety In The Parks has become a weekly tradition that is helping strengthen relationships and build community.


Police and firefighters visit a different City park each week and spend time with the children from the neighborhood. They talk, give safety lectures, serve ice cream, and have fun. On hot days, the firetruck becomes the source of a gigantic sprinkler to help the kids cool down.

The goal is to create opportunities for police and firefighters to meet with Golden Valley residents in a casual setting so they get to know each other, develop trust, and build partnerships that ultimately enhance crime prevention and fire safety in the community.