Community Profile

The Community Profile chapter of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan will introduce the document and the planning process, provide a brief description of Golden Valley’s history, summarize important data about the community, and introduce conceptual themes that will be carried forward throughout the remainder of the Plan.

In preparation for drafting this chapter, staff collected a variety of data that provides some perspective for where Golden Valley is today within the larger context of where we have been and where we will be heading as a community. Each of the following graphs and charts is meant to support the themes that have emerged after the Open House, via online contributions from residents and businesses and through conversations with Commissions and the City Council.

Four Main Takeaways

  • The population figures, household counts, and employment numbers are all forecast to continue to increase over the next 20 years.
  • Golden Valley is becoming an older community, with an increasing percentage of the population classified as seniors.
  • Golden Valley is becoming more racially, ethnically, and economically diverse.
  • A decrease in median income and recent increases in median rents have made housing in Golden Valley less affordable and increased the cost burden of housing.

Comp Plan
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