Planning Applications & Permits

The Planning Division reviews and administers a number of land use applications and permits. These evaluations cover a range of topics, from large development projects such as a master planned neighborhood, to individual licenses such as a permit to keep chickens.

Below is information about each application and permit, including links to the City Code, documents outlining process and policy, and dates of Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meetings.

To submit an application, contact Planning staff at 763-593-8095 to discuss the proposal before completing the associated forms. All submissions will be reviewed to verify they are complete before they are scheduled to be heard in front of the appropriate decision-making body.

+ Conditional Use Permit

+ General Land Use Amendment

+ General Land Use Amendment (coming soon)

+ Mobile Food Vendor Permit

+ Planned Unit Development (PUD)

+ Residential Keeping of Chickens

+ Subdivision

+ Tax Parcel Division

+ Temporary Retail Sales (coming soon)

+ Variance

+ Zoning