Skating Rinks

All skating rinks in Golden Valley are closed for the season.

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(H = hockey rink, W = supervised warming shelter, G = general skating rink)

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tennis ballClick the snowflake icon in the table below to get rink schedules

Park Address Amenities Rink Schedule
Gearty 3101 Regent Ave N H G W
Hampshire 1601 Louisiana H G W
Lions 151 Louisiana Ave N H G W
Medley 2331 Ensign Ave N H G W
Scheid 1856 Toledo Ave N H G W
Wesley 8305 Wesley H G W
North Tyrol 900 Westwood Dr S    G  
South Tyrol 1510 Kaltern Lane   G  
Yosemite 351 Yosemite Ave N        G  
Stockman 3300 Major Ave N        G  

2019-2020 Rink Schedule (weather permitting)

Weather-related notices are posted on each rink schedule.

Regular Hours

  • Monday–Friday: 4–9 pm
  • Saturday: 10 am–9 pm
  • Sunday: 1–9 pm (Lions, Scheid, and Wesley)
  • Sunday: 10 am–6 pm (Hampshire, Medley, and Gearty)

Special Hours

  • Dec 23, 10 am-9 pm
  • Dec 24, 10 am-2 pm
  • Dec 25, Closed
  • Dec 26-27, 10 am-9 pm
  • Dec 31, 10 am-4 pm
  • Jan 1-3, 10 am-9 pm
  • Jan 20, 10 am-9 pm
  • Feb 2, 10 am-4 pm
  • Feb 17, 10 am-9 pm

photo of Scheid Park in winter

Skating rink, hockey rink, and sledding hill at Scheid Park

Weather Closings

During extreme cold or warm weather, rinks and shelter buildings may be closed. Outdoor winter activities will be closed/cancelled if:

  • the air temperature is -10F or colder, per the National Weather Service
  • the wind chill index is -15F or colder, per the National Weather Service
  • warm temperatures soften the ice, making rinks unsafe for skating
  • there is a snowfall of more than 2 inches, which could delay cleaning the rinks and opening the warming houses

Under these conditions, please check to see if the rink is closed before dropping your children off. Call 763-512-2350 to hear a recording about rink closings. In addition, "closed" signs will be posted on the park shelter doors.

When will the skating rinks open for the season?

Golden Valley crews try to get ice conditions ready by mid-December so skating can begin before winter school break. Even in Minnesota, however, conditions are not always ideal for building and maintaining outdoor ice rinks. Temperatures need to remain around zero to -10 F for a week or so to produce enough ice to skate on. Ideally, the crew needs three or four inches of frozen ground to start making ice. The goal is to establish a six-inch base, which will help rinks survive most warm snaps without closing down.


Rinks are cleaned and resurfaced Monday through Friday and cleaned on Saturday mornings, depending on weather conditions. Double-bladed shovels are available at each shelter building and may be checked out with the building attendant.

If you have concerns or questions about ice conditions or rink maintenance, call Park Maintenance at 763-593-8045.