HRA Guidelines For Public Input

Citizens may address the HRA at Public Hearings. The following procedures apply to Public Hearings:

  • Chair asks for staff report on item and opens item for discussion.
  • Citizens wishing to speak should raise their hands and approach the podium when recognized by the Chair, then clearly state full name and address for the record. Spokespersons will be given longer for presentations, and groups are encouraged to use them.
  • Everyone who wishes will have a chance to address the HRA. Citizens must address all questions and comments to the Chair, who will then determine who will answer them. Questions will be answered when all persons have had a chance to speak. Only one person may speak at a time. Citizens are urged to be polite and quiet as comments are made to the HRA. Applauding or other displays of approval or disapproval are inappropriate during HRA proceedings.
  • No one will be given an opportunity to speak a second time until everyone has had an opportunity to speak initially. Please limit second presentation to new information and not rebuttals.
  • There will be no straw votes of people present. These are not helpful to the HRA because they do not reflect accurate total community sentiment.
  • When the public comments are completed, the HRA closes the public hearing and starts its own discussion. The audience is welcome to listen quietly to the discussion but is requested not to make further comments.