Home Security Checklist

forced entryIn most cases, residential burglary is a crime of opportunity committed by young amateurs that are able to enter your home. You can eliminate the opportunity and minimize the chance of burglary and other serious crimes by making your home as difficult as possible to enter.

But the time to take these steps is NOW, not after a burglary. All that is needed is a little time and money to take the preventive steps recommended below.

General Home Security Checklist

  • Home is illuminated with exterior lights
  • Shrubbery is trimmed so a burglar can't hide near windows and doors
  • Garage doors are closed and locked when not in use
  • Exterior doors are made of solid hardwood or insulated steel
  • Sliding glass doors and windows are pinned or secured with auxiliary locks
  • Deadbolt locks with a minimum of one-inch throw are installed on exterior doors
  • Heavy-duty strike plates are mounted on exterior door frames
  • Windows are secured with auxiliary locks or pinned with a nail
  • Resident reports suspicious persons or activity to the police immediately
  • Doors are locked at all times
  • Resident is enrolled in Operation Identification
  • Answering machine does not say, "We're not home now"
  • Garage door opener is not in a car in the driveway
  • A burglar cannot see into your garage
  • The neighborhood has a Neighborhood Watch group

Home Security Surveys

The Golden Valley Police Crime Prevention Unit offers booklets ("What to Do Before the Burglar Comes") on home security. Upon request by homeowners and apartment residents, a member of the Crime Prevention Unit will accompany you through your home and make recommendations that can reduce the likelihood of you becoming a crime victim.