Peddlers & Solicitors In Golden Valley

City Code Section 16-336 requires that anyone going door-to-door in Golden Valley to fundraise or sell a product or service must carry a City-issued license on them at all times and wear a City-issued ID card (see below).

Those going door-to-door to distribute literature but who aren’t selling anything, asking for donations, or engaging the homeowner in conversation, do not need a license but must still abide by City rules and regulations for other peddlers and solicitors.

City Rules & Regulations For Peddlers & Solicitors

City-Issued ID Cards

ID cards issued by the City must be clearly displayed on a front outer garment.

The ID cards include the solicitor's name, organization/company, and photo as well as dates the permit is valid.

If the solicitor is not wearing an ID card, ask to see it. If no card can be produced, call 911 to report an unlicensed solicitor and provide your address so police can follow up.

Check here for information about solicitors who are exempt from the City's licensing policies.

"No Solicitors Or Peddlers" Signs

Property owners or occupants who wish to exclude peddlers and/or solicitors from their premises may place a "No Soliciting or Peddling" or similar sign on or near the principal entrance to the premises. The printing on the sign should be large enough to be visible from a distance of 5 feet. [Get sample sign here.]

Peddlers or solicitors are not allowed to enter a property with a posted "No Solicitation" or similar sign. Call 911 to report violators.