Flood Mitigation Cost Share Reimbursement Program

The purpose of the Flood Mitigation Cost Share Reimbursement Program is to increase community resilience by reducing flood risk and flood damages to properties located in flood prone areas throughout the City of Golden Valley. Reducing flood risk and flood damage citywide will improve public health and safety, reduce public liability and cost, and preserve economic values, benefitting the entire community. Read the full policy here.

Application Process

Applications must be received by October 1 of each year for implementation the following year. Applications must contain all required information, plans and exhibits, and must include all criteria below. View application here.

  1. Elevation certificate completed by professional surveyor or engineer licensed in the State of Minnesota.
  2. Type of flood mitigation measure proposed and brief project description.
  3. Plan completed by a licensed design professional or contractor.
  4. Planning level cost estimate based on consultation with a professional engineer, architect, or contractor.
  5. If applicable, supporting documentation showing evidence of previous flood damage insurance claims, invoices, photos, etc)

The City will review and evaluate applications in October and November to determine which projects will be selected to move forward for design, permitting, and construction the following year. Applicants will be notified in writing by November 30 as to (1) whether their project was selected to move forward; (2) next steps in the process; and (3) the maximum dollar amount for which their project is eligible.

Successful applicants shall accept or reject the selection by December 31. If the City does not receive confirmation of acceptance from an applicant by December 31, the approval may be withdrawn and the funds awarded to the next eligible applicant.

Incentive Ammount

The City will award each successful applicant a one-time reimbursement incentive of 40% of the eligible flood mitigation costs up to a maximum of $50,000 per property. The final not-to-exceed amount awarded to the applicant will be outlined in the flood mitigation agreement. The final reimbursement amount will be based upon actual cost once the project is complete.


This policy applies to existing primary structures located on residential single-family and duplex properties that meet at least one of the two criteria below.

  1. Structure is identified as being at risk of flooding in a report or study completed or approved by the City of Golden Valley, Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission, State or Minnesota, or Federal agency (examples include the 2016 Medicine Lake Road & Winnetka Avenue Area Long Term Flood Mitigation Study, the 2002 Flood Damage Reduction Study, and drainage area studies completed for developments); or
  2. Structure is lcated in or adjacent to the floodplain and has a low opening elevation or lowest adjacent grade elevation that is below the base flood elevation as evidenced by an elevation certificate completed by a professional surveyor licensed in the State of Minnesota.

Properties meeting the eligibility criteria above that have completed flood mitigation projects prior to adoption of this policy shall not be eligible for participation in the cost share reimbursement program.

This policy does not apply to properties located outside the floodplain that have experienced water intrusion from groundwater or sub-surface sources as determined by the City Engineer based on available evidence and data. This policy does not apply to new construction, or to accessory structures identified as being at risk of flooding.