Legal Notices

Notice Of Public Hearing – Shade Tree Diseases And Pest Control

February 21, 2019

Pursuant to Golden Valley City Code, Chapter 10, Section 10.50, in conjunction with Minnesota Statutes Chapter 18G.16, the City shall control hazardous trees with Dutch elm disease, oak wilt, and other pests on public and private properties.

If a property owner has trees that are tagged, the owner will receive a notice from the Physical Development Department, Forestry Division, allowing 20 days to abate the situation. The notice will outline options for removal and the location for disposal of the diseased or hazardous trees. After the 20-day time limit, the City’s contractor shall be directed by the City to remove the trees. The City will charge the property owner for removal, plus an administrative fee of 20%. Any questions may be directed to the Assistant City Forester at 763-593-3976.

BY ORDER OF THE CITY COUNCIL Kristine A. Luedke, City Clerk