City Manager's Department

City Manager's Staff

City Manager

Tim Cruikshank

City Attorney

Maria Cisneros

Human Resources Director

Kirsten Santelices

Communications Manager

Cheryl Weiler

Communications Specialist

Rob Kueny

Graphic Designer/
Web Specialist

Danielle Gates

Administrative Assistant

Judy Nally

The city manager, appointed by the City Council, serves as the executive officer in charge of administering all City business and implementing Council policies and directives. The city manager appoints the city attorney, who advises and represents the City and Council in all legal affairs. The city manager also appoints the City's department heads and members of the management team.

The City Manager's Department also includes the Communications and Human Resources programs. Staff includes the city manager, human resources director, communications manager, administrative assistant, web/graphic designer, and a half-time communications specialist.


Communicating with the public is essential to successful local government operations. The City of Golden Valley uses a variety of strategies and tools to get its messages out and to take input from citizens, mainly through publications, website, cable TV, and media relations.

Golden Valley's Communications staff is responsible for publishing the City's newsletters and information pieces, managing and maintaining the website, and managing public access TV operations, which includes televising and web streaming all City Council and Planning Commission meetings and coordinating programming produced for the City by Channel 12 and Northwest Community TV. Staff also works with all City departments to develop marketing and communications plans to educate the public about City issues and initiatives and to provide information to local news media.

Human Resources

Human Resources staff is responsible for recruiting, selecting, and training employees; managing employee safety programs, compensation, and benefits; administering personnel policy and employment law; and negotiating and administering labor contracts.