Peddlers & Solicitors License

Who needs this license?

Anyone in Golden Valley planning to go door-to-door to fundraise or sell a product or service must first apply for a peddlers and solicitors license (City Code Section 16-336). Peddlers and solicitors must wear a City-issued ID card and have the license on them at all times.

Those who go door-to-door to distribute literature but who aren’t selling anything, asking for donations, or engaging the homeowner in conversation, do not need a license.

Information For Homeowners And Business Owners

Rules & Regulations

  • Permits are issued per individual, not per business and/or organization.
  • ID cards issued by the City must be clearly displayed on a front outer garment.
  • Peddling or soliciting may not occur before 9 am or after 8 pm.
  • Peddlers and solicitors may only approach the front door or main entrance of residence or place of business and must abide by posted "No Soliciting" signs.
  • Peddlers and solicitors must promptly leave the premises following completion of a transaction or an unsuccessful attempt to contact the resident of the premises.
  • Peddlers and solicitors may not claim that their license or certificate of registration constitutes an endorsement by the City.


Licenses are not required for:

  • anyone selling goods at wholesale to a retail seller of the items being sold by the wholesaler
  • anyone selling products of a farm or garden occupied and cultivated by the seller
  • anyone working to establish a regular customer delivery route for perishable food and dairy products, such as baked goods or milk
  • anyone delivering newspapers or similar publications on an established customer delivery route
  • anyone age 17 and under participating in fundraising programs for, or sponsored by, a public or private elementary, junior high, high school, or bona fide children's organization (ie,scouting, youth sports, arts, or similar extracurricular activities)


  • Fee: $30 per permit per 30-day calendar period. Make check payable to the City of Golden Valley. Payment must be submitted at the time of application.

To Apply

  1. Complete the Peddler & Solicitor License Application
    • Fill out one application form per person. Do not leave any lines blank. If a question does not apply, enter “N/A”.
    • All applicants must have a current government issued identification card or driver’s license.
    • Applications must be signed in front of Police Department personnel receiving the application.
    • By signing the application, you are agreeing to have a background check completed.
    • The application will be denied if it contains any falsification of answers or if it's not completed in its entirety .
  2. Applicant must be photographed by Police Department personnel at the time the application is submitted.
  3. Bring application and fee to the Police Department Monday–Friday, 8 am–4:30pm.


The City does not recommend or endorse any product or service of peddlers or solicitors it licenses.