Police Commission Task Force

One of the City Council's 2020 strategic planning action steps was to make the hiring process for the Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) more efficient and equitable. In July 2020, the Council directed staff to begin studying how the City might replace the existing process, thereby replacing the Civil Service Commission with a new commission on policing.

To help define the authority and function of the new commission, the City Council is establishing a 13-member Police Commission Task Force.

Mission and Responsibilities

The Police Commission Task Force will advise the City Council regarding replacement of the existing Police Civil Service Commission with a new commission on policing. The Task Force will develop:

  • a recommendation regarding the name, membership composition, and duties of a new commission on policing
  • a proposed mission statement and bylaws to define the role of the new Commission


The Task Force shall consist of:

  • two members from the existing Police Civil Service Commission
  • one member each from the Human Rights Commission, the Rising Tides Task Force, and the Golden Valley Crime Prevention Fund
  • two Golden Valley Police Officers (appointed by each of the two existing police unions)
  • one social services provider who serves the Golden Valley community (individual or organization working in the field of mental health, youth advocacy, substance abuse, or homelessness)
  • one member of the Golden Valley business community as an employee or business owner
  • one individual, preferably a Golden Valley resident, with knowledge or experience of the defense side of the criminal justice system (for example, a criminal defendant or criminal defense attorney)
  • two Golden Valley residents
  • one youth age 21 or younger who either lives or attends school in Golden Valley

The goal is to recruit a diverse group of citizens who represent a variety of backgrounds, opinions, and experiences. If more applications are received than spots are available for any sector or group, the City will use the following criteria to select members:

  • demonstrating understanding of policing in Golden Valley
  • demonstrating expertise in law enforcement
  • demonstrating commitment to relationship-building between community and law enforcement

The Task Force will be chaired by Council Member Gillian Rosenquist, who is the Council liaison to the Civil Service Commission. The Chief of Police will serve as the staff liaison.

Meetings and Timeline

The Task Force will meet twice a month beginning mid-November 2020 and aim to complete its work by May, 2021. All meetings of the Task Force will be open to the public and subject to the requirements of the Minnesota Open Meeting Law.


Applications are due by 4:30 pm Oct 19, 2020. Mail or email completed form to Tomas Romano, Assistant To The City Manager's Office, City of Golden Valley, 7800 Golden Valley Rd, Golden Valley, MN 55427.