Dockless Scooter/Bicycle Sharing

Biking and scootering is a fun, efficient, and healthy way to get around! It's also a sustainable solution to transportation in an affordable and convenient way while also reducing the carbon footprint.


The scooter sharing service, Spin, was granted a license to operate in Golden Valley in 2019. Starting July 22, 2019, scooters were deployed and residents were able to download the app and start riding. To learn more about Spin and to view instructional videos about its products, visit

To report a problem with a scooter, please contact Spin at or 1-888-249-9698.

+ Rules For Parking Shared Scooters/Bicycles

When not in use, shared bikes and scooters must be parked upright and stabilized and must not be parked in any location or manner that will impede normal reasonable pedestrian traffic or access to:

  • crosswalks and pedestrian ramps
  • building/property entrances
  • driveways and loading zones
  • disability parking and transfer zones
  • transit stops and parklets
  • street/sidewalk cafes
  • other street furnishings (benches, parking meters, etc)
  • underground utility, sewer, or water facilities
  • sidewalk clear zones
  • always wear a helmet
  • do not ride scooters on sidewalks
  • read Spin's safety guide here

+ Shared Scooters/Bicycles FAQs

What happened to Lime?
Lime did not apply for a license to operate in Golden Valley in 2019.

Is Spin operating in other communities?
Spin is also operating in St Louis Park, Minneapolis, and St Paul. 

Are there other mobility-sharing companies operating in Golden Valley?
Currently, Spin is the only company operating in Golden Valley. However, there are several other scooter sharing companies operating in Minneapolis, Edina, St. Paul and the University of Minnesota, and those scooters could find their way into Golden Valley. 

What do I do if I have a complaint about another company’s scooter in Golden Valley?
Below is contact information for other companies with scooter operations in the region:
Lyft -, 877-551-6423,
Spin -, 888-262-5189,
Lime -, 888-LIME-345,
NiceRide -, 1-877-551-6423

Will bikes also be deployed in Golden Valley in 2019?
No. At this time Spin is only deploying scooters.